Listings in New Brunswick

Nestled along Canada's eastern seaboard, New Brunswick beckons with its diverse landscapes, rich maritime heritage, and vibrant cultural scene. The capital city, Fredericton, situated along the scenic Saint John River, offers a blend of historic charm and contemporary arts. The Historic Garrison District and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery showcase the city's cultural depth. Saint John, a historic port city, welcomes visitors with its iconic Reversing Falls, where the Bay of Fundy tides create a mesmerizing natural spectacle. The historic Uptown area, with its Victorian architecture and lively markets, reflects the city's maritime legacy. Hopewell Rocks, on the Bay of Fundy, reveal towering flowerpot formations sculpted by the highest tides in the world. The Fundy Footpath and Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail showcase the rugged beauty of New Brunswick's coastline. The Acadian Peninsula, with its French-speaking communities, provides a cultural immersion into the province's Acadian heritage. The Village Historique Acadien is an open-air museum that brings Acadian history to life. Fundy National Park, a gem within the Appalachian Mountains, offers hiking trails, waterfalls, and the chance to experience the Fundy Footpath. The park's Alma Beach is a tranquil spot to witness the ebb and flow of the Bay of Fundy. Grand Manan Island, accessible by ferry, is a haven for whale watching and birdwatching. The island's cliffs and coastal landscapes are ideal for exploration. New Brunswick's vibrant festivals, such as the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton and the Shediac Lobster Festival, celebrate the province's musical and culinary traditions. The warmth of New Brunswick's hospitality is reflected in its welcoming communities, charming bed and breakfasts, and the lively atmosphere of local pubs. With its mix of natural wonders and cultural richness, New Brunswick invites travelers to embrace the spirit of the Maritimes.