Listings in Ontario

Spanning from the Great Lakes to the northern wilderness, Ontario is a province of diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and cultural richness. Toronto, the provincial capital, is a dynamic metropolis known for the iconic CN Tower, diverse neighborhoods, and world-class museums like the Royal Ontario Museum. The Toronto Islands provide a serene escape just a ferry ride away from the city's hustle. Niagara Falls, a natural wonder shared with the United States, captivates visitors with its thundering falls and the scenic Niagara Parkway. The charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, surrounded by vineyards, is a gateway to Ontario's wine country. The Muskoka region, with its pristine lakes and forests, is a playground for cottagers and outdoor enthusiasts. The historic steamships on Muskoka's lakes add a touch of nostalgia to the region's charm. Algonquin Provincial Park, one of Ontario's crown jewels, offers a wilderness haven with lakes, forests, and the opportunity to spot iconic Canadian wildlife. The park is a haven for canoeing, hiking, and camping. Ottawa, the nation's capital, showcases historic landmarks like Parliament Hill and cultural institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada. The Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, transforms into the world's largest ice-skating rink in winter. The Thousand Islands, a scenic archipelago in the Saint Lawrence River, invites exploration of historic castles, charming villages, and boat cruises along the waterway. Stratford, known for its renowned theater festival, provides a cultural retreat with its Tudor-style architecture and vibrant arts scene. The nearby St. Jacobs Farmers' Market offers a taste of local produce and crafts. Ontario's diverse culinary scene reflects its multicultural population, with Toronto being a global food destination. From the iconic peameal bacon sandwich to regional specialties like butter tarts, Ontario's food offerings are a delicious journey. Warm hospitality is evident in the charming bed and breakfasts of Niagara-on-the-Lake, the friendly communities of Muskoka, and the diverse neighborhoods of Toronto. Ontario, with its blend of urban excitement and natural beauty, invites travelers to discover the diverse and captivating facets of Canada's most populous province.